Tuba H Series
Tuba H Series
Tuba H Series
Tuba H Series
Tuba H Series
Tuba H Series
Tuba H Series
Tuba H Series
Tuba H Series
Tuba H Series
Tuba H Series
Tuba H Series

Laskey Mouthpieces

Tuba H Series

Sale price$219 USD
Shank:American (US)

Like the instrument, Laskey Tuba Mouthpieces are a towering presence in low brass playing. With a thicker sound and more complex geometry, every aspect of a Laskey Tuba Mouthpiece, from the iconic rim to the exterior shape and cup, has been carefully designed to provide the clear articulation, precise slotting, and crisp response.

The Helleberg-style H Series features a relatively straight-sided cup that blends into a concave funnel as it enters the throat. This model is the preferred choice for piston valve tubas.

After testing numerous tuba makes and models, two shank sizes were developed to meet the needs of a wide variety of mouthpiece receivers: American (US) shanks fit most American made and styled instruments, while European (EU) shanks fit many European made and styled instruments, with the exception being most 6/4 CC tubas, which require the EU shank. 

American (US) Tuba Shank Measurements:
Top: 15.44mm/0.608"
Bottom: 13.31mm/0.524"
Taper Angle: 1.41 degrees

European (EU) Tuba Shank Measurements: 
Top: 15.85mm/0.624"
Bottom: 13.77mm/0.542"
Taper Angle: 1.37 degrees


It is important to note that Gold Mouthpieces are a Special Order Only product. While we might carry limited inventory of these valuable and costly pieces, there might be a lead-time of 45 days from the date of order. Please also note that All Gold Mouthpieces are FINAL SALE ONLY, as any wear on a gold mouthpiece shows more easily and is not as repairable as silver counterparts. Thank you for your understanding. 

California Prop 65 Warning




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Ricardo R.
United States

Laskey 32H

Improve intonation, Sounds bigger with less efforts and very confortable from the rim contour to the cup that surprisingly is a helleberg with esteroide . Good mouthpieces…

Blake L.
United States United States

Laskey 30H

I love my Laskey 30H with my Eastman 6/4 tuba! It is a perfect match for me with such a large tuba. Overall, clarity and response is so much easier and playing with the Laskey 30H makes me play more efficient now. Thank you for making such great mouthpieces!

Scott M.
Canada Canada


"I’m using one of the Laskey 30H EU Mouthpieces on an Eastman 836. In all honesty, this horn/mouthpiece combo is amazing! Everything from slurs to interval leaps to just over-all ease of tone production is incredible. The quintet flipped over the sound coming out of this tuba. It really is a fantastic combination of components. This tuba and your mouthpiece is perfect. Congratulations to you and your team!"

Brad T.
United States United States

Fantastic Mouthpiece

Switched from another high end mouthpiece to the Laskey 30H. The switch immediately fixed a number of tonal issues and brought a consistency to the tone across the entire range of the instrument. Love this mouthpiece!

Heather L.
United States United States

Tuba Mouthpiece

So far so good! Much better than my old beat up mouthpiece. I love the sound and feel of the new piece. I've only had it for a week or so, but I'm very happy so far.


Laskey Mouthpieces

Thanks, Heather! We're hoping that your Laskey will someday become your old beat-up mouthpiece (and when it does, we'll be here to get you a new one!)