Acquisition Takes Laskey Mouthpiece Company Global

Musical Instrument Manufacturer Diversifies With Brass Acquisition

Backun Musical Services, partner of the Eastman Music Company, and manufacturer of sought-after clarinets and woodwind accessories, announced that they have acquired the Laskey Company, manufacturer of custom brass mouthpieces. 

Laskey joins the Eastman family, which includes Eastman, Wm. S. Haynes Co., S.E. Shires Co. and Backun Musical Services. The acquisition brings Backun’s advanced manufacturing capabilities to brass players through the respected designs of Scott Laskey, founder of the Laskey Company. The Laskey line of products will benefit from Eastman’s outstanding brand and strong dealer relationships throughout North America and abroad, while leveraging the reputation of S.E. Shires Custom Brass and Eastman Brass in reaching a diverse group of global brass artists. 

Jeremy Backun, VP of Operations at Backun, comments: “It is a great honour to be part of the team that will continue Scott Laskey’s legacy in brass mouthpiece design and craftsmanship. As a trumpet player, I have long desired to be involved in brass mouthpiece manufacturing. Given Backun’s highly advanced machining capabilities, I look forward to bringing Laskey Mouthpieces to more brass players worldwide.”   

On the recent acquisition, Eastman Vice President, Ryan Richman, said: “I am so excited to welcome the Laskey Company to the Eastman family of brands. Scott’s dedication to his craft is well known in the brass community and we are humbled to have been chosen to honour his legacy by continuing his work.”

As a new division of Backun, Laskey will be led by Jeremy Backun and Joel Jaffe. Jeremy will lead the engineering and production teams while Joel leads the product development, sales and marketing initiatives. 

About Eastman Music Company: Founded in 1992, Eastman Music Company has earned a reputation for creating many of the finest instruments and accessories that are played around the globe. The company’s portfolio includes respected flute, brass and clarinet companies, Wm. S. Haynes Co., S.E. Shires Co. and Backun Musical Services, in addition to the exceptional lines of Eastman handcrafted strings, winds, guitars and mandolins. 

About Backun Musical Services: Backun Musical Services crafts many of the world’s most sought-after clarinets and woodwind accessories. Founded in 2000, Backun employs unparalleled manufacturing technologies to craft acoustically advanced instruments and accessories that are played by top orchestral and solo artists around the world.