Laskey Mouthpieces

Laskey Tuba Mouthpiece Case

Sale price$75 USD
Model:Large Tuba

Bring it all with you

Got too many mouthpieces to fit in your case? Now you can bring all your Laskey Mouthpieces along wherever you go. A durable hard shell exterior with custom foam inserts make this accessory case perfect for dealers, teachers, and Laskey lovers everywhere.

Mouthpieces sold separately. Fits most standard mouthpieces but individual fit may vary.

Case Specs

Medium Cases (9.5 x 8.18 x 2.00" or 24.1 x 20.8 x 5.1mm)

Medium Trombone Case: Fits 6 Mouthpieces

Large Cases (13 x 11.5 x 2.75" or 33.0 x 29.2 x 7.0mm) 

Large Tuba Case: Fits 10 Mouthpieces

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