I remember when Scott, encouraged by many leading artists, decided to start The Laskey Company. It was a scary decision for our family, but it was something Scott had been working towards most of his life. It’s hard to believe that was over 20 years ago.

Music was always very important to Scott. He was a perfectionist, as a trumpet player as well as a mouthpiece designer. Scott was extremely passionate about his craft. Along with working with countless artists for many years, he also spent hours researching metals, the physics of sound and how that would affect his product line. I was always amazed at the knowledge he had every time he gave a presentation—without notes!

While Scott was the main event of The Laskey Company, our son Alex and I worked behind the scenes, with our family room often the venue for sorting and packaging while Scott would be tweaking and improving his designs from feedback he would receive. It was quite the family business!

When he passed, it was very important to Alex and me to find the right company to continue his work and there were many who came forward. After much deliberation we chose Eastman/Backun. The people from both companies were a pleasure to work with. But more importantly, they showed the patience and determination to do things right, as Scott would have wanted. They didn’t just rush to reproduce his line, they spent months researching materials, testing brass and working with Scott’s platers to make sure the result was everything Scott put into his mouthpieces. We recently had the privilege of being given a virtual tour of the Backun factory and were extremely impressed with the state of the art equipment that has the potential of reaching markets Scott only dreamed about.

All of this just reinforced the fact that Alex and I made the right decision when we chose Eastman/Backun to continue and grow Scott’s legacy.

Susan Laskey

April 29, 2021