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The one comment we hear about Laskey tuba mouthpieces is that they sound thicker and more complex. The reason is in the design. Each aspect of a Laskey tuba mouthpiece, from the exterior shape to the cup design, from the rim contour to the backbore, has been carefully designed to maximize your potential.



B--A deeper bowl than the G. Has a wonderful bottom sound

H (Helleberg)--Relatively straight sides that blend into a concave funnel as it enters the throat.

G (Geib)--Produces a more brilliant sound than the H and works well on rotary valve tubas

F--Like the Helleberg cup in shape but approximately 1/3 more shallow

C--A moderately shallow bowl cup that is ideal for solo performances on Eb and F tubas.



The standard shank on Laskey tuba mouthpieces is commonly referred to as the American (A) shank. This shank is available for all of our models. Noted models (*) are available in the larger European (E) shank as well.

tuba american shankAmerican Shank without groove





tuba european shank


European shank with groove







tuba chart

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