Manufacturing mouthpieces for brass instruments and trumpets

For over 20 years, musicians from around the world came to me for custom mouthpieces. They came because they could not find a mouthpiece that had the look, the feel, and produced the sound they were after. Sometimes I would make a simple modification to their existing mouthpiece. Other times, it was necessary to make something new. Even though they described their needs in different ways, I began to see common elements. It made sense to make these designs part of a line of mouthpieces available to everyone.

Scott Laskey



90D trombone mouthpiece. After many requests from both professional and bass trombone students, we have decided to make that “tweener” so many have asked for. read more...

With the increased number of German-made horns, The Laskey Company is now making many of our horn mouthpieces with J, G and F cups available in a larger shank. Players using Schmid, Hoyer horns, etc. now have Laskey mouthpieces made specifically for those instruments. read more...

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