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Horn - G Series

Recognized as one of the most popular horn mouthpieces ever made, the Laskey G Series Horn Mouthpiece is the culmination of Scott Laskey’s years of research and development, customizing mouthpieces for many of the world’s finest horn players.

Featuring a unique rim contour that set the standard for modern day horn mouthpieces, the Laskey G Series rim shape allows for effortless flexibility, along with a high degree of control and accuracy. The rim contour is round with a definite high point towards the inner edge, providing clear articulation and precise slotting through the entire range.

The G Series is our standard cup, providing the best mix of tonal clarity and colour to virtually every player. While slightly shallower than other cups, the G Series is optimal for a wide range of playing styles and artists of all pedagogical backgrounds. All models are available in both American and European shanks.

A slight departure within the G Series is the 85GW. A signature model for Gail Williams, the 85GW features a narrower rim on the same G Series underpart, providing greater flexibility and movement within the iconic Laskey rim.

After testing numerous horn makes and models, two shank sizes were developed to meet the needs of a wide variety of lead pipes: American (US) shanks fit most American made and styled horns, while European (EU) shanks fit many European made and styled horns. 

It is important to note that Gold Mouthpieces are a Special Order Only product. While we might carry limited inventory of these valuable and costly pieces, there might be a lead-time of 45 days from the date of order. Please also note that All Gold Mouthpieces are FINAL SALE ONLY, as any wear on a gold mouthpiece shows more easily and is not as repairable as silver counterparts. Thank you for your understanding. 

All Laskey G Series Horn Mouthpiece cup sizes are made with a standard throat size of .182”/(“14”)/4.62mm.

Laskey Horn Mouthpieces are listed by the approximate inside diameter metric measurement. If a mouthpiece measures 17.25mm on the ID, the size is the last two or three digits, or 725.

California Prop 65 Warning


The finest materials, innovative machining technologies, and incredible attention to detail.



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Susan C.
United States United States

Back to my favorite

I bought a 75G, gold plated, some years ago. I loved it, used it a long time. I had problems playing and changed mouthpieces. Many times. Finally I decided to return to my 75G. My first one was bought from a dealer and the gold was wearing off so I donated it to a school. I love my new mouthpiece and can almost play like I'm 55 again!

United States United States


Absolutely loved my old 75G through grad school, and ended up gifting it to a student that was in need of a mouthpiece. On a whim, I purchased the 85GW because of the advertised thinner rim for better articulation (which was hard to do with my previous Laskey on my Lawson Fourier). First impressions: WOW! The different rim really helps and I love the sound I’m getting. Thank you for bringing this mouthpiece to market!

Gabriel R.
Canada Canada

The best

These mouthpieces are expertly crafted, perfectly consistent and sound amazing. Finally a mouthpiece that does it all.

Daniel R.
United States United States

The Classic Mouthpiece is Back!

I used to play on an old 75F in a Conn 8D but I sold the Conn 8D and the Laskey 75F that came with it. I loved the distinct high point on the Laskey rims and I was sad that they where discontinued and that I may never find one again. Now that they are back I quickly jumped to buy the Laskey 75G which is slightly shallower than my old 75F but the deep F cup matched the big 8D Kruspe horn well and I play a smaller Holten horn now which the slightly smaller G cup matches very well. I love the classic rim shape which is what I was really missing for some time.

United States United States

Love my new Mouthpiece

Excellent all around... customer service, shipping, and website. You guys are the real-deal!