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Selecting A Cup Size

It's not enough to have a bright sound for lead playing if you can't control the sound and pitch. Having a large orchestral sound is useless if there is no center. Years of building custom mouthpieces have shown me how to design cups that help the performer achieve optimum qualities of sound and control. The cornet and piccolo cups are designed to complement the trumpet mouthpieces by allowing players to keep the same rim throughout their set if they choose to do so.

Trumpet Shallow Cups

Are designed to not only help you sound great at the beginning of the night, but also and more importantly, help you still play and sound good at the end of the night.

Trumpet Medium Depth Cups

Help provide a full sound and good support for the upper register. Good selection for most players.

MC- is designed with the first bowl moderately shallow while the second is deeper to produce tone
C-is a standard size with good volume, brilliance and tone.


Trumpet Deeper Cups

Allow full-bodied sound while still maintaining a solid center.

MD- is a newer design with a depth between #1 and 1C
B- is best described as a concave funnel
D- is a deep bowl like the old #1 with a very full sound and great control


Laskey trumpet rims are listed by the approximate inside measurement. If a mouthpiece measures .680 on the ID, the size is the last two digits or 80. Standard throat size on all trumpet moutpieces is .144"/(#27)/3,66mm.




Laskey cornet cups are dsigned specifically for the cornet. We don't take trumpet mouthpieces and cut them down for the cornet. Cornet mouthpieces allow the cornet to sound like a cornet. While many flugelhorn mouthpieces will force the pitch to go flat in the upper register, Laskey flugelhorn mouthpieces are designed to stay in tune through all registers and maintain an ideal flugelhorn sound.


cornet mouthpiece table

Cornet Cups
S- A very shallow cup with a soft entrance to the throat
P- Similar to 7E/11A
SB -Shallow funnel-style cup ideal as a standard or for solo
DB -Deeper funnel-style cup that is suitable for a brass band


Laskey cornet rims are listed by the approximate inside diameter measurement. If a mouthpiece measures .680 on the ID, the size is the last two digits or 80. Standard throat sizes for S, P, SB and PIC cups are .144"/(#27)/3,66. Standard throat size for the DB cups are .152"/(#24)/3,86mm. lugelhorn standard throat size is .1695"/(#18)/4,305mm.

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