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Our mouthpiece selection includes the following:

  • Small Shank Tenor
  • Large Shank Tenor
  • Bass Trombone
  • Euphonium




Each instrument has specific qualities that can be enhanced with the proper mouthpiece. And, each instrument has certain qualities that a certain mouthpiece will help "fix". This is why we've designed our mouthpiece blanks to be slightly different for each of these instruments--not one mouthpiece blank with different shank dimensions.

Selective mass distribution in the mouthpiece helps hold the sound together when playing loud. It provides a smoother and softer pianissimo. And, more importantly, it allows you--the musician--to create the color of the sound you need when you need it.

Our Numbering System

We thought about using the traditional 5G, 4G and the newer 4.5G number system. But, of late, no two 5G's made by seperate companies are really the same size. So, we decided to take the Inside Diameter of the mouthpiece in millimeters and use that as the size of the mouthpiece. If a mouthpiece measures 1 inch or 25,4mm, this would become our model 54. (And, yes, we do drop the first digit.) A mouthpiece that measures 29,3mm, becomes our model 93.



C-- is a traditional C cup in volume only. When you play this cup on the small tenor shank mouthpieces, you will see there is a huge difference in quality of sound. Throat size: .234"/5,94mm.

M--is a medium cup not too unlike the cup on a 6 1/2AL. It's not too deep and made standard only on our 54M mouthpiece. Throat size: .265"/6,73mm.


M--same cup as "M" above.

MD--The volume of this medium-deep cup is similar to the 5G cup. Like the "C" cup, there is significant difference in sound between this mouthpiece cup and the traditional "G" cup. Throat size: .281"/"K"/7,14mm.

D--Though deep, this cup is not as deep as the 51D. It's not like any cup seen on a symphony shank mouthpiece. It provides a rich textured sound. While many love this as a second trombone cup, stronger principal players will appreciate the richness this cup offers. Throat size: .281"/"K"/7,14mm.


MD--A medium-deep cup similar in volume to those found on the Bach 1 1/4G and the Schilke 59. Throat size: .295"/"M"/7,49mm.

D--Deep cup like the one on Schilke 60 or Bach 1G. Throat size: .312"/(5/16")/7,93mm.


tenor trombone mouthpiece chart


symphony tenor trombone chart


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