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Panda Jewelry

Most all of the Panda jewelry is handcrafted by me from wire, beads, gemstones, or art glass. The line includes necklaces, collars, bracelets and earrings. The wire is either or coiled, wrapped, or woven in a technique called Viking Knit--an ancient craft believed to be developed by the Vikings centuries ago. While this process is rather labor intensive, taking hours to weave a necklace, the end result is well worth the effort producing a beautiful and unique design that has an interesting history. To see the jewelry line, click HERE. To order, click HERE.

Panda Purses

Panda Purses are designed and created by me, Susan Stockton. They are named Pandas because they are made of bamboo. I designed the original panda purse after seeing a bamboo placemat and thinking that, combined with beauSusan Stocktontiful cotton/batik fabric, it would make a striking purse. After that, I began getting requests from others to make and sell my purses. Since that time, Panda Purses have been sold all around the country and in some parts of the world. The line has grown to include Panda Purses, Panda Travelers and Traveler jr, Pad Purses, Valises, and Panda Turtles. The nice thing about Pandas is that no two purses are alike. So no one else will have a purse exactly like yours.

To see all Panda Purses, click HERE. To find out how to order a Panda Purse

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For more information contact: or call me at (630) 842-7506

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